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Glossify nail art tools

Get to know your nail art tools

We spoke to Chloe May Boyce to help you really understand your tools and how best to use them.

What is the one tool you couldn’t work without? 

MY DOTTING TOOL!! Honestly, I adore my dotting tool and use it nearly on every client. 

The smaller dotting tool with the pen end is what I use to clean up around the sidewalls, or any little floods around the nail cuticle. 

It’s also extremely effective for nail art, a single dot can change the nail game ✨

What is your go to nail art brush and why?

My go-to nail art brush is my favourite brush I’ve ever used, the Glossify liner brush. 

The liner brush is very thin, the perfect length and makes french application easy to achieve. I use it for nearly every client who is having nail art and I also like to have a spare for when using Naturabuild. To get a really even finish in Naturabuild i like to brush through the product to make sure its evenly distributed. 

How do you keep your brushes in good condition?

I always keep the lids on my brushes in order for them to stay in perfect condition, after using them on a client I apply a small amount of acetone onto a lint free pad to clean, I use a pinch and pull technique. 

Pinch and pull

How many of each brush do you have?

I have always doubled up on my liner brush, just because if anything happened I would be lost. But for the other brushes, I just have one of each and find that if i look after them properly that works well for me.

Why are Glossify nail art brushes your favourite?

Over the years I have tried and tested LOADS of nail art brushes, but you just have to find what works for you. A brush with a lid is definitely a bonus, and I personally prefer a thinner stem brush to hold to gain more control. 


Never let gel sit on your nail art brushes for too long. Always make sure you clean them as you go ✨

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Brionna Moore

This article 🙌🏽🤩 I can definitely agree that the dotter tool is a good one! I find myself using it on the majority of my clients for different parts of my service along with my detail brushes.

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