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Are your products HEMA free?

Our current products do contain 19 % HEMA. You can find the SDS sheets here

Hema is safe in products up to 35%. We follow all the regulations for cosmetics in the UK and we work with a cosmetic chemist whilst details can be found on the bottom of the sheets.

Why can’t I see the “add to cart” function?

Glossify is a professional only brand. You can only buy our products if you are fully qualified. This is in place to protect our customers. Nail systems need to be applied safely and this can only be done correctly by a trained professional.

There is a highlight on our Instagram which has a guide on how to do it, it’s really quick and easy.

How can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been placed this cannot be cancelled, unfortunately as orders are picked and packed within 30 minutes of them being placed. Please note we only accept faulty item returns.

I have uploaded my certificate but I still can’t see where to add to cart?

We manually check every certificate and approve accordingly. If you haven’t had your certificate approved after 7 working days, please contact us. 

You don’t have a phone number, how can I contact you?

You can contact us at When you contact Glossify you are speaking to trained nail technicians. It is important to us as beauty professionals ourselves, that you can talk to someone that can relate to the questions you’re asking and give informed advice.

What is Naturabuild gel?

Naturabuild is a strong soak-off base gel that can be used to increase the natural nails ability to grow. It comes in a range of neutral shades. This allows clients to be able to wear the base as a natural overlay or underneath gel paint for extra strength, no base or primer needed. Its strength allows for a short to medium extension, it also has added flexibility meaning your nails are less likely to break. It can be infilled or soaked off.

Can your gel be used with other brands?

No. For safety and to ensure that the product will last as intended we could never recommend that systems are mixed.

What lamp do I need for your gel?

We recommend using our lamp, to ensure the gel is correctly cured all the way through the different nail layers. We can only advise that you use our lamp that has been tested with the gel from the manufacturer.

What is in the gel?

There are different ingredients for the different types of gel. Our gel does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DPB, Camphor, Formaldehyde resin, Xylene, Ethyl tosylamide, Acetone or Animal ingredients. Our gel DOES contain HEMA.

 For more information or specific ingredients please email

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes, our products do not contain any animal products and are not tested on them.

How long will my gel manicure last?

We are proud of the gel formula we have created, however, everyone is different. But on average, we say that it should last at least 2-3 weeks. 

Most of the time, technicians can be judged depending on clients, how fast their nails grow and how they look after them. We recommend never leaving gel on for long periods of time as this means that the health of the nail isn’t being checked regularly.


I have ordered a colour but it’s not what I expected?

Every effort is made to get colour representation on our website. Due to it being a digital colour image and not the actual paint, we cannot guarantee that it is exactly the same. We always suggest to our customers to look at the hashtag of the colour on Instagram first, so you can see it in a range of lights and on varying skin tones. 

I have a discount code, but it isn’t working at the checkout?

All of our codes are a one time use only code. If this isn’t working at checkout, this may mean you have previously used this.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We always aim to have your products to you within a matter of days, 

We use trusted shipping companies to dispatch our orders. For the UK and Europe, we aim to have your order to you within 1-2 working days.

For the USA, please allow for up to 5-7 working days. 

During busy sales periods, please allow us an additional few days before enquiring, as there may be delays. 

Do you offer next day delivery?

As standard, we aim to have all our deliveries dispatched the same day. As long as your order is placed before 1pm, you should receive this next day.

There is an item missing from my order, what do I do?

It’s rare that items are missing in orders, however if you find that an item is missing from your order please contact us 24 hours of receiving your order and we will ensure that this is resolved.

My delivery has arrived damaged, what should I do?

It's rare that our items arrive damaged, however, if you find that an item is damaged from your order please contact us at 24 hours of receiving your order and we will ensure that it is resolved

I need to return an order, how do I do this?

Please send your order number, name and address to with a description of the problem you've encountered. We will do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible, however all returns are treated on a case-by-case basis dependant on warranty, use and time of purchase.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship globally to over 200 countries -

The Netherlands,
Czech Republic,
United Kingdom,

If your country does not show at checkout, please email customer care

Do you accept pay later options?

Yes! You have the option to pay later with Klarna at checkout. We’re currently looking into other options requested by you like Clear Pay and more. 

How do I become an affiliate or ambassador?

Please send your Instagram profile, instagram and tiktok insights to you wish to be considered for ambassadorship.

I’ve tried emailing but nobody is replying, what should I do?

We can take up to 72 hours to reply due to the volume of enquiries we get. Please be patient and ensure you’re using the correct email stated for your query.

When will you be restocking?

You can sign up to our notifications on the products. Simply input your email and you’ll be notified when the product is back in stock.

I have received the wrong order, what should I do?

Should the unfortunate case arise that you receive the wrong order. We ask that you arrange a pick up of the order as soon as possible through with an overview of your order number and what’s happened. Once in transit back to our HQ we will issue your correct order promptly.

Do you do gift cards?

Yes. We offer digital only gift cards. Simply choose an amount or input your own, select the email address of the recipient, date of delivery and you’re all set!


I’ve just received my colours and they look different to what I expected, what can I do?

Every effort is made to accurately colour match our swatches for the website. Unfortunately due to the website being a digital representation of the colour, these will not be exact matches. Please use the hashtag below the product to explore how this looks on different skin tones and lighting. Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns on this.



What is Naturabuild?

Builder in a bottle - Naturabuild is a range of strong base gels that can be used to increase the natural nails ability to grow. The gel comes in 14 neutral shades, this allows clients to be able to wear the base as a natural overlay or underneath gel paint for extra strength. There is no need for a primer or base gel, its strength allows for a short/ medium extension over a tip. Soak off or infill.

How do I best apply Naturabuild?

Begin by wiping the prepped nail with acetone. Naturabuild does not like prep scrubs or cleansing wipes. Apply your first thin slip layer and cure for 90 seconds on low heat mode. Apply a second and third layer depending on length and cure for 90s low heat mode. Wipe with acetone and shape and refine. Layers should be built up to avoid heat spikes. Please refer to the application guide for more detailed information.

How do I stop a client's Naturabuild from lifting?

The nail should be thoroughly prepared and dehydrated using acetone only prior to application. Please make sure there is enough product on the free edge as this can cause lifting.

Can I use Naturabuild with your other products?

Yes, Naturabuild is a builder base coat. You can apply colours over the top after refinement. There is no need to add an extra base coat.

Can I use other gel systems with yours?

No. It is not recommended that you mix gel systems. This can cause a service breakdown and lead to allergies. We do not know how our products work with other brands and it has never been tested.


What is GLOSSY TOP used for?

Glossy top is a no wipe top coat that can be applied over gel and acrylic to create a super shiny top coat. It can also be used for powder effects like chrome.

My top coat seems to pit, what can I do to stop this?

Make sure there is no dust or debris on the nail and apply the topcoat slightly thicker. This can also happen after refinement if the nail has been wiped with anything other than acetone. Please refine, wipe and let dry before applying a thicker layer.


Hema-free Glossy Top is a cure fast product, this means that it can be very sensitive to light. We suggest always storing away in a dark drawer or space immediately after use to avoid curing.


What is one coat?

One coat is a no wipe, highly pigmented gel that just needs one coat! It is perfect for nail art and crisp french tips. This gel is not soakable and needs to be filed off the enhancement.

Peely Base

How do I use Peely Base?

For all your questions on Peely Base, visit our blog here on how to use this product best.

How long does Peely Base take to dry?

We suggest a minimum of 5 minutes for Peely Base to air dry. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed up the process.


What is matte topcoat used for?

A clear top coat which gives the nail a matte finish.


What is smudge?

Smudge is a clear art gel used to make colours disperse in a fade like way on the nail before curing.

How best do I use smudge?

Apply a layer of smudge, draw your desired pattern with gel polish, wait a few seconds for the gel to disperse and then cure.

What designs can I create with smudge?

Marble, aura, snake/croc.


What is Basic Base?

Basic base is to be used as your standard, go to base coat for any gel polish treatment. It has a rubber base consistency so will keep your gel mani looking fresh for up to 3 weeks.


What is First Base and when is first base best used?

First Base is a very thin base coat, the thinnest of all our coats. A good option for those who’s nails don’t require additional strength, it’s also great for toes.


Is it safe to use on all clients?


What does this smell like?


Is it anti fungal / anti infection?



What is The Smart Lamp for?

Premium nail lamp for curing all Glossify gels. It has a compact size perfect for mobile and salon use

How should I be using my smart lamp?

For any information on curing times please visit our guidelines here .

My lamp has broken, what should I do?

Please send over evidence of your broken lamp, original order confirmation and a description of what you believe is wrong to We determine the replacement of lamps on a case by case basis, if in warranty.

What is my lamp warranty?

For beginners lamps you have a six month warranty from purchase. With our smart lamps you have a warranty of one year. Unfortunately we are not obligated to replace any lamps out of warranty.

I’ve taken the shrink wrap/sticker off my lamp, can I return it?

Due to hygiene reasons, unless faulty, we do not accept returns on either of our lamps once opened. For smart lamps, if the box seal sticker is removed, we unfortunately cannot accept this as a return.

What is the difference between the old smart lamp and new one?

Our new lamp has an LED display to see how many seconds are left on the timer, a motion sensor, low heat mode (meant for Naturabuild) and removable bottom - great for easy foot placement. The new Smart lamp is of a high quality and will last longer with more curing hours. The guarantee is 12 months. The Beginners lamp is a more affordable option for those starting out in their career and students. The guarantee is 6 months.

Please note due to hygiene reasons once the lamp has been opened and the protection film removed we cannot accept these for a return.

Can I use your lamp with other gel brands?

No, our lamps are made to cure our gel. Gel looks and feels cured with just a 50% cure. You would never be able to tell if it had a full cure and this can cause allergies. This also applies for using our gel in another branded lamp.

Can I purchase your gel starter kit without the lamp?

When purchasing our products for education/training kits, a Glossify Lamp must be included within the kit. Please note any orders placed without a Lamp will not be processed effectively. If you’re using our products for education purposes, it is important that our products are not mixed with other brands whether that be products or lamps. We pride ourselves on educating our customers that our full system should be used for the best results.


Who are the basic tools meant for?

We recommend using our standard tools for professionals who are just starting out in the industry. Once you’ve built your confidence and worked on a variety of clients, we recommend moving onto our advanced range.

Who are the premium tools meant for?

We would recommend our premium tools for those more advanced/experienced nail technicians due to the tools being sharper, it’s recommended that people who have more experience with a variety of client types use these

What is the difference between the basic and premium tools when using?

The premium tools are sharper and will last longer. They are for experienced nail technicians and should be treated with care to ensure no blunting occurs.

How do you best use the pusher tool?

The oval end is used to push back the skin around the proximal nail fold. The sharp square end is used to remove the cuticle tissue from the nail plate to ensure maximum gel adhesion.

How do you best use the nipper tool?

The nipper tool is used to remove any loose cuticle tissue and hangnails.

Are the tools sterile?

The only way to ensure your tools are sterile is by using an autoclave.


How should I clean and store my brushes?

Please clean your brushes by using Sanitising spray on a lint free wipe. Pinch bristles and clean in an upward direction to prevent bristle damage. Always replace the lid after use and don’t forget to keep brushes out of sunlight whilst in use as the gel will cure into the bristles.

What should I use my liner brush for?

Small French tips or nail art

What is the difference between the basic and premium tools when using?

The premium tools are sharper and will last longer. They are for experienced nail technicians and should be treated with care to ensure no blunting occurs.

Are your brushes vegan?

Yes, the nail art brushes have synthetic hair.

Should I trim my bristles on my brush?

On the occasion you may find that you would like to remove some bristles from your brush we advise that you use your cuticle nippers to remove the excess at the base.

How often should I replace my brushes?

This will depend on use and how you look after them. If the bristles are dry and starting to splay it’s time for a new one.

How do I clean my dotters?

You can clean your dotting tool with Sanitiser, prep scrub or acetone.

Should I get a small or medium dotter?

The medium dotter is just a regular size dotting tool with a larger end opposite. The Small has no ball at all on one end and the smallest ball on the other for intricate work.

If the bristles on my brush become damaged is there any way I can repair it?

Yes! We recommend that popping your brush into boiling water for a couple of seconds should reinvigorate the bristles, the result should be close to when you first bought it.


How many acrylic powders are there?

8 in a range of shades suited to different skin tones and designs.

Do you do acrylic brushes?

Creating an acrylic brush that is quality assured and stands the test of time is paramount to us. We are currently in the development stage of creating the perfect acrylic brush.

Are dehydrators safe for clients with sensitive nails?


What is the difference between the primers?

Super prime is an acid free primer that acts like a double sided sticky tape. Ultra bond is an acid primer with no tacky layer that dehydrates the surface of the nail plate. For stubborn clients that experience lifting we recommend Ultra Bond.


What ingredients are in your oil?

Our cuticle oil is the best superfood for your nails and surrounding skin! It contains Sweet Almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e and rice bran everything you could need. It nourishes, repairs and protects.

Is your oil suited to sensitive skin?


How much oil do you advise to use per finger?

Only a little. A little goes a long way, you don’t need to drench your clients nails to get the goodness. Advise your clients to use it every day.


What is HEMA and IBOA?

Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate and Isobornly Acrelate are ingredients in gel polish that have that can potentially cause an allergic reaction if they come into contact with the skin.

Where is your HEMA free gel made?

All our HEMA-free formulations are made in Europe. We are transferring our manufacturing over to Europe and all collections moving forward are made here.

Is HEMA-free Naturabuild different to the Original Naturabuild?

Here at Glossify, we have worked tirelessly over the last two years to bring you a formulation that is as close to our current formula as possible. We didn't want to compromise on adhesion, longevity, strength and application.

How do you remove HEMA free Naturabuild?

HEMA-free Naturabuild can be soaked off in 15 minutes the same as the original formula. You can find our removal guide here

How should I store my HEMA-free Naturabuild?

Keep away from direct sunlight or keep in a draw, due to light sensitivity.

Bases and tops are more reactive to sunlight than gel polish colours.

How long should I cure the new formula?

Please cure the Glossify nail lamp on low heat mode. Please see our curing guide here.

We have not tested this formula with any other branded lamps and cannot recommend this in line with our manufacturer's guidelines

Why have we removed these ingredients?

Due to the demand in the industry- this is a sensitive solution for clients that have experienced allergies and irritations.

*Please note clients must have an allergy test to determine which ingredients they are allergic to before application.

How can I prevent an allergic reaction?

Using the correct lamp and following manufacturers instructions for curing and application. Make sure to always use a complete system from the same brand.

Always wear gloves and avoid skin contact for you and your client.

Can it be used alongside products that contain HEMA?

All our products are manufactured and tested to work in conjunction with each other. However, if someone has an allergy or irritation you must use a full HEMA-free system for this client

If your question hasn’t been answered here please email Please note replies can take up to 72 Hours.

We try our best to respond to queries on Instagram, however for a fast response, we suggest using the email address. We always love to hear your feedback and we are here to help.

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