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In conversion with joelyoceannails

Glossify had the pleasure of interviewing @joelyoceannails for the launch of her first collection. Inspired by Ibiza and summer months, this interview is not one to be missed to get to know the UK's favourite nail artist.

Q: What inspired your collection?
A: Summer is my favourite season, both personally and professionally. When I had the opportunity to create my own gel polish collection with Glossify, I knew a summer-themed collection would be perfect. Being passionate about travel and holidays, it was a natural choice for me to draw inspiration from sunsets, palm trees, and the vibrant energy of Ibiza. My aim was to capture the essence of my dream Pinterest board, creating a collection that exudes a playful and Pinterest-worthy vibe.

Q: Why did you choose the colours for this collection?
A: I’m known for my love of bold colours and creative nail art designs, I wanted the collection to reflect my signature style. The warm and vibrant hues of summer ultimately influenced my colour choices. The Sunset Trio features shades of orange and pink that beautifully mimic the colours of a sunset. The Palms Trio, on the other hand, showcases blues and greens reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

Q: How do you feel this collection represents you?
A: This collection truly represents me and my artistic style. Bold and vibrant nail designs are what I'm known for, and this collection embodies that spirit. I believe fellow nail technicians and clients who appreciate my work will resonate with the lively and playful vibe of this collection. Choosing anything other than bright colours just wouldn’t have been me.

Q: What do you hope customers like about this collection?
A: Naturally, I hope nail technicians using this collection will love the colours, but I also want them to connect with the overall feel and vibe we aimed to create. Partnering with Glossify was crucial because their exceptional formula and long-lasting quality really set them apart from other brands. I want consumers to recognise and appreciate the attention to detail that went into selecting both the fun nature of this collection and its high-quality performance.

Q: Why did you choose the name Joely Ocean?
A: Ocean is my middle name. I feel like a lot of people don’t know that, and they think I chose it randomly for my Instagram. I also get asked if I’m actually telling the truth - I am, haha.

Q: What would you say is your signature style or what you're best known for?
A: My nail art is what I am best known for among other nail technicians. I thrive on challenges and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and designs. Rarely do I turn down a client's request for an intricate and unique nail design, even if it's something I haven't attempted before. While I appreciate the elegance of nude or French tip nails (which I often wear myself), it's the colourful nails and complex designs that truly ignite my passion as a nail artist.

Q: What is your favourite shade in this collection?
A: Selecting a favourite shade from this collection is no easy task, as each shade possesses its own character and offers something different. However, if I had to narrow it down, I would say my top contenders are Sundown, Palm, Sea Spray, and Tangerine. In particular, the combination of Sea Spray and Tangerine creates the most perfect orange and blue nail combination that I believe perfectly captures the essence of summer.

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