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What is Peely Base?

What is Peely Base?

Following the recent launch of Peely Base, we are answering the questions you want to know about this revolutionary product!

How long should I let Peely Base dry? 

We suggest leaving Peely Base to air dry for 5 minutes, when you see the product begin to turn matte. 

Is Peely Base a gel?

No! You should use Peely Base like a regular nail varnish. For example, using air drying techniques to speed up the drying process.

How should I use Peely Base?

Peely Base should be used as a single coat layer under whatever product you plan to remove. For example, if you are doing nail art on top of Naturabuild, we suggest using one coat of Peely Base on top of your Naturabuild, before your design. Whereas if you are doing a full gel colour, we suggest using this directly onto the natural nail.

How many times can I use Peely Base a day?

We recommend only using Peely Base three times, per person. Anything over this could cause the nails to become sore. 

What kind of customers should I use Peely Base on?

Peely Base is a great product for clients who frequently change up their manicure, or people like NHS or healthcare professionals, where a long-lasting gel manicure is not allowed as part of their uniform. This product will allow a professional manicure to last up to three days. 

Is Peely Base a normal base coat?

Peely base can be applied like a normal base coat, however acts differently. This product is suited for a short-term manicure and frequent changes, it was created with easy removal in-mind rather than longevity. 

Can I use Peely Base with Naturabuild? 

 Yes! Lots of our customers love to use Peely Base with Naturabuild. Apply it the same way as with gel colours for the same outcome.

How do I apply Peely Base?

As a single, one coat, layer. 

Find inspiration on how to best use Peely Base over on our Instagram.

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